gilt fairy


1.  How is Jo  la Collage  created ?

Ellen Kelly designs and carves  models for  all the metalwork out of  wax and clay.     These “masters” are  cast out of a  pewter alloy to create all the metal elements.  The finished piece is  plated  with sterling silver,  24 K  gold, or copper.   We prefer  this  additional   finish  over  the  base metal because we feel it dresses up the piece and adds   sparkle and value.  Various treatments are used with the finishes to add additional texture, such as oxidizing, creating a matt finish, etc.

All of the pieces are meticulously  filled by hand with the crystals and other small embellishments.    We do this  piece work in small batches  because we are working with  paints,  resins, and  polymers.   We use high quality industrial strength products.


2.  What are the ear  wires made of  ?

The ear wires are either solid sterling silver or 14 K Gold filled.    There is no plating or nickel in the ear wire.

Posts are un-plated surgical steel.

3. What are the chains made of?

The chains are steel or brass, plated with silver or gold.  A  substrate of  nickel or copper is used  under the plating  depending on the chain.

4.  How  should  the  jewelry be cared for? 

Hand made jewelry is a piece of art- keep this in mind as you enjoy wearing it.

Do not wear your jewelry in the   shower, pool,  or ocean.  The chemicals and house hold cleaners  can deteriorate  the  finish ,  the pearls,  crystals,  paints,  and  the resins.

Sterling silver  naturally tarnishes over time  due to exposure to  oxygen.

The finishes may  also  fade over time,  especially if exposed to elements, and  this is expected.     To clean or brighten  up your piece  use a tarnishing cloth.  Never  use any  chemicals , or detergents.   Do not use an ultrasound cleaner.  Clean the ear wires with alcohol as needed.


5. What if the jewelry breaks?

In the rare event something breaks, either   contact the retailer you bought it from or contact us directly,  and let us know what happened.   Do not send jewelry back to us without a prior authorization .   We will repair your piece  at no charge   unless we identify damage.   We are not responsible for normal wear and tear or changes in the finishes.   If a charge for the repair  is  necessary,  the cost is  based on our labor and material costs.     We may need to substitute  stones, crystals or embellishments if they are no longer available.



6.  What if you can’t find a local retailer who carries our work?

Contact us directly and  we will  help you  to  get what you desire.